Main Screen

Across the top of the screen is the currently displayed date, time and time zone.


To the right of the Moon are the percent illumination, a gauge showing the distance of the Moon from the Earth, the rise and set time and the visible indicator (whether the moon is above the horizon or not).  If there are 2 full moons in a month, then the illuminated part of the moon is shown as blue.

The buttons (from left to right) are previous month, previous day, previous hour, current time, next hour, next day and next month.  Use these buttons to increment, decrement or reset the time. As the hours, days and months progresses, watch for:

  • how the distance guage grows and shrinks as the month progresses.
  • The tilt of the moon changes throughout the day
  • the shadow travels across the Moon’s face every month
  • Solar and Lunar eclipses are usually within a month of each other

The section below the buttons shows important events for the current month, such as 1st quarter, full, last quarter and new moon, solar or lunar eclipses (if any), meteor showers, and Easter.

If an event includes extra information, then an indicator light will mark the event in the left most column.  Click on any event with an indicator light to open a new screen with extra detail.





Lunar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse

Meteor Shower