Enhanced MIDI and Karaoke support for your Blackberry Phone


Add enhanced MIDI and Karaoke support to your phone.  SongTracks builds on top of the basic Blackberry media player MIDI playback and provides the following:

  • Play, Pause, Stop and rewind MIDI playback.
  • Show elapsed and total time.
  • Sing along to song lyrics as they are displayed during playback.
  • View MIDI tracks and their names
  • Mute and Unmute tracks – just like on a real sound board
  • Explore MIDI events inside each track using the Event List viewer
  • Play notes on piano keyboard in the Event List viewer
  • Filter which type of events are shown in the Event list viewer
  • Keep track of song tempo with blinking Blackberry LED
  • Includes sample MIDI files containing Karaoke information
  • Keeps a list of the last viewed files
  • SongTracks is registered as a content handler for *.mid and *.kar files.

Songtracks is available from Blackberry AppWorld